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Completely Free Driver Updater

Completely Free Driver Updater

Automatic free device driver updaters are one of the most in-demand software around. Even geeks sometimes find it tedious to search for individual drivers one at a time when fixing, building or maintaining a PC. Definitely the best driver update software around so far.

However device driver updaters are notorious for being bloatware, associated with scams, and not free! Device Doctor comes to the rescue. It’s free, lightweight, portable and simple to use. Ahh, software heaven.


- Free!

- Simple to use

- Portable (a lightweight installed version is also available)


- Does not install drivers automatically (just gives you a download link to install yourself)

Device Doctor Screenshot on Windows 7

Device Doctor Screenshot on Windows 7

How to Use:

It can’t be any simpler: just press the “Begin Scan” button, and the software will do its thing by scanning your computer for updates. A list of downloadable driver installers will be presented if any of your drivers are out of date.

Via [How-To Geek]

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  1. Sounds good. I find a lot of device driver software to be full of rubbish that you can’t understand and they’re really difficult to deal with, especially on Vista. A device like Device Doctor looks like it could be a lot of help.

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